Monday, April 11, 2016

Lucy turns 1

Lucy Elouise -- our sweet second born. Your first year of life has not been an easy one. You were such a hard baby -- we moved in with Grammy and Papa over the summer for help. We had some very sweet times in State College. We came back, bought a house, and then our second year at CN started. Come October we were in the hospital with Zoe for 2 weeks without seeing you. Christmas rolled around followed by some long winter months, and before I knew it we were planning your birthday!

Your sweetness does not come in a gentle disposition, but rather a fierce love of life and love of family. Though you were difficult as a newborn, you were what held our family together through this crazy year. You smile easily, love with big open arms and loud kisses, run a million miles an hour all day every day, and you treat your sister as if she hung the moon.

To say you've lived up to the meaning of your name feels like such a vast understatement. You've been a light in our lives, but you've also been a steady push towards the things of light.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

1st Snow Day 2016

The first snow is always magical. I'm pretty sure in each one of my blog posts about snow I've mentioned this. It only gets more magical as time goes on.

This year Zoe was able to interact with the snow -- we won't say play because I think that's in years to come. But she observed and was filled with joy as the excitement of the day fully hit her.

We went outside as a family (minus Lucy because she was sleeping), then had students over for soup and some hangout time.

Snow brings people together -- it slows us down and forces us to look at each other; to be with and do life with each other. I like that. The excitement of how many inches we'll get and the sound of tiny little girl squeals is enough to make anyone long for the next snow day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Year 2 of Zoe

Two years old and what a year this has been!

Favorite sayings:
- lilbit -- "CC cryin lilbit", "Gaga sick lilbit", "Mama seepy lilbit"
- GaGa wer areee yooou?
- Ya tired? Seepy?
- Mama hold chu
- whoa Gaga -- when driving like a crazy person
- Eyes, and ears, AND A MOUF!
- Patience, wait

Favorite Actions:
- galloping around the house
- when you get so excited you either dance or yell "Bing Bong Bing Bong"
- chasing Lucy under the table
- singing "let it go", "holwee", "this is the day", Doc McStuffins
- When you recognize we laugh at something so you do it over and over
- kindness is... (saying hi to strangers, sharing with CC, not stepping on books)
- you belly laugh when your tired

The way you view the world:
- All houses are castles
- anything beautiful is called Sophia -- Sophia hair, Sophia dress
- Anyone who goes in the bathroom is poopin
- Everything has dip right now -- noodles and dip, chicken and dip, pancakes and dip
- A crib is a night night
- Any meal is munch

- Lucy is your #1 pal these days
- colors and shapes
- Bath with bubbles
- Doc McStuffins, Sophia the 1st, The mouse (Mickey), Olaf
- Play grounds ( you chant for them)
- Stickers and suckers (thank you doctors and hospitals)
- Airplanes